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Implementing Effective Business Systems
in the Information Age

Dr. Julia Taylor offers a 1 Day Seminar Program titled “Implementing Effectiv e Business Systems in the Information Age.” Highlights of the Program include several interactive Group Exercises, an overview of Business Systems, the use of Business Models and Social Networks, as well as the practical applications of each of these and much more. This Program is designed to improve your business success.

About the Seminar

Implementing Effective Business Systems in the Information Age is designed to incorporate some of the forms of whole system thinking and networking technology that take advantage of internet capability.

This is the age in which any worthwhile project, especially business projects, can be organized around a key purpose instead of according to organizational boundaries or hierarchical positions within an organization.

This is the age in which a key element of successful business ventures is successful relationships. Business relationships have always been a factor in creating new market opportunities, development and operations. The cultivating and nurturing of these relationships is more important than ever before. This is because the internet and computer technology have leveled the playing field so much that small players have access to many of the same potential markets as large corporations.

Being able to relate effectively to all stakeholders is an important concern for any company, large or small, to distinguish itself.

How much consideration has your business given to these trends? Are you effectively communicating with your prospects and customers? Where do you need to build key relationships within and outside your organization?

Email and the internet provide us with instant communication to all corners of the world and make it possible for all of us to be more connected to one another. The time element has become critical to a successful enterprise. What industries and businesses you are in; to whom you sell; the quality of your products and services; how long it takes to complete an order; and how you communicate during the process - will all be factors in determining your success.

Therefore actions and behaviors that serve all stakeholders are becoming more popular, because this is what will work in the future.

This is the age in which consumers now demand that their products and services take into account the environment and the impact of those products and services upon the environment. Therefore any new system that a company considers incorporating as an operational procedure needs to include an environmental policy and a methodology for including environmental measures. This is the age in which corporate social responsibility reporting is becoming as much a standard as financial reporting. A typical corporate social responsibility report includes measures which protect the environment as well as measures to promote healthy relationships with employees, customers and clients as well as the community in which the business is located.

Come and join us in order to learn about examples and methodologies of systems which incorporate the most pertinent social and environmental aspects into overall working models.

Not only will our tools, models and information have a positive impact on your business, but the seminar promises to be a source for application to your personal development as well.

It will be an opportunity for you to experience first hand what it is like to function with some of these new models. These new models are very different from the traditional command and control models on which business has traditionally relied on.

These new models are what will be commonplace in the future. Be where the future is now. Give yourself and your company the leading edge on Implementing Effective Business Systems in the Information Age!


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