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Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr. Robert Phillips

Environmentally Friendly Business Practices
Drew George
System Wide Transformation
Lucky Sweeney

This presentation gives you an overview of Corporate Social Responsibility and offers material to spark discussion to help you create your own Corporate Social Responsibility policy.  It includes a number of corporate examples and entertaining stories to illustrate the concept and make it come alive.  The value and timeliness of this material is also highlighted, along with suggestions which can make the process of developing this corporate policy an easy task.

In this presentation, Drew outlines a number of business practices that can save your company money in tax credits, greater operational efficiency, and fewer long term repair bills.  In addition, many customers and other stakeholders want to do business with companies that utilize environmentally friendly business practices, so these practices are good for public relations and marketing.  With a little bit of planning and forethought, it is easier than you think to incorporate these practices into day to day business operations.  Drew George provides a comprehensive overview to help you get started in identifying your company's Environmental Policy.

Lucky Sweeney sets the stage for broad discussion about overall shifts and changes taking place all over the world today.  Many of the challenges facing corporations today are new in that the scope and level of change that is happening is unprecedented.  Lucky leads discussion about how individuals in corporations can face these challenges more effectively.

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